College of Medicine Bioinformatics

The College of Medicine Bioinformatics Research group (COM Bioinformatics) is under the faculty of Biomedical Medical Sciences and Health Professions. It draws members from all departments within the faculty such Biomedical Sciences, Medical Laboratory Science and Microbiology.

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The group focuses on training, research and teaching. Its research focus is in the areas of genomics, transcriptomics, next generation sequencing, micro biome, antibiotic resistance and proteomics.

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The group collaborates with Malawi-Liverpool Wellcome Trust, the Sanger Institute, University of Cape Town and University of Liverpool.

The group is supported by the Research Initiative in Science and Education (RISE) through the Phase II graduate funding. It also has been supported by H3ABioNet through and Malawi-Liverpool Wellcome Trust.



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Short courses

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Bioinformatics modules are incorporated into the medical diagnostics and molecular biology courses of the MBBS revised curriculum in addition to once


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