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Ms. Stella Chafewa

Ms. Stella Chafewa is a computer science graduate at dmi st John the Baptist University and a Database developer intern funded by ACEPHEM. She is currently working on the Natural products Database that was collected on usage from Blantyre urban and sub urban areas which will be analyzed and published, Besides her technical skills in computer science, She has particular interest in developing inventories in Medicinal Plants and also to Implement and maintain a functional database management system, This interest drove her in order to help people especially the elite who are far of shy of asking around for herbs to easily get the information on location of the herbalists and how to contact them.

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Ms. Tabeni Kachitsa

Tabeni Kachitsa is currently a student at LUANAR studying towards a Bachelors degree in Biotechnology, to be attained by November, 2018. She is going into her final year in November 2017.

Her interests are in reducing spread of diseases and conditions as well as finding their cure through the use of comparative genomics. It concerns her when people lose hope due to diseases because of the knowledge gap that is still exists. This internship helped her to gain skills knowledge which she will be able to use in other modules as she pursues her Biotechnology degree. It is also a major stepping stone in her career path.

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